Here at Family Space, childcare is part of our DNA! We’re incredibly passionate about what we do, and know that our staff get a lot back from working with children and families. If you’ve never considered a career in childcare, here are some great reasons to take that leap!

You’ll be in demand

As people’s lives get busier the more they juggle overloaded schedules and increasing responsibilities, and it’s no surprise that more and more families rely on childcare services to manage their time. For some a full-time nanny is what’s needed, but for others, just knowing they can call on a casual babysitter from time to time is enough to give them peace of mind. Whatever their needs, they always need the help of a professional!

Security and flexibility

As the modern workplace becomes more and more reliant on technology, childcare is one industry where machines will never take over! There simply isn’t a substitute for real human contact, and the demand for childcare will never go away! This means that there’s always a job waiting for you, and as an added bonus one where you can choose from part- or full-time positions, weekday, weekend or casual work depending on what best suits your schedule.

Room to grow

With childcare professionals in demand and an industry that continues to grow, there will always be many opportunities for progression. From starting as a casual babysitter, the future paths are endless, whether it be a move into education, childcare centre management or even social care. You’ll go as far as your potential can take you!

Feel the fun!

Although there is a lot of hard work involved working with children, play is part and parcel of the job! If you can’t stand the prospect of being stuck in chair and chained to a desk all day, then look no further! Every day is different and you’ll have a ball coming up with fun and joyful inside and outdoor projects for the kids, shaping young minds and watching them achieve those all-important firsts.

Reap the rewards

As careers go, there are few more fulfilling and rewarding than working in childcare. It’s your chance to give something back and play an important role in the formative years of a young person. What could be more valuable than that? Watching kids grow, learn and flourish, and knowing that you’re a part of that progression, well that’s just a level of satisfaction that other jobs simply can’t reach.

If you feel that a career in childcare is for you, check out our recruitment page for more information and see how you could become a valued member of the Family Space team!

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