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The agency

We are proud to say that we have the confidence of our customers and stakeholders since 2009. You will find a whole series of testimonials to prove this.

The management team of Family Space is made up of professionals whose quality has been recognized by the administrative authorities, this allowed us to obtain a license in 2009, which was successfully renewed in 2014. (More details in the Legal Notice)

We constantly strive to find competent and professional staff that we then link up with our client families, whether on an occasional or regular basis.

When you choose to come to us, we strive to be available and responsive to welcome you and respond quickly and in a tailor-made way to each request.

For the sake of clarity, rigour and transparency, we always make sure that we provide complete and reliable information throughout the service delivery process, whilst respecting the privacy of our families. Our approach is to be attentive to our customers in order to constantly evolve our practices and to regularly improve the satisfaction of our customers.


For our childcare services, we hire university students; young women who are no longer students but who are looking for work as well as young nannies who are in France on a “Working Holiday” visa.

For our housekeeping services, we hire experienced domestic workers who are entirely dedicated to housekeeping for our valued customers.

Screening Process

Only the best nannies are invited to join our team. Our rigorous selection process ensures that all our nannies and babysitters maintain the highest quality of professionalism and that they continue to exceed the expectations of our client families.

The following steps describe the process that all applicants must complete when applying for a position with Family Space. After each step in the process, the candidate is re-evaluated before being invited to continue to the next step.

Each nanny, babysitter or house care specialist is asked to:

  1. 1. Complete and submit a first application formula online
  2. 2. Submit extended and extensive information that assesses the professionalism, experience, personality and values regarding child care
  3. 3. Complete a follow-up interview in person (in Paris) or by Skype to determine if the candidate’s personality matches our company
  4. 4. Complete a second follow-up interview by phone or Skype with a second representative from our team for a second opinion
  5. 5. Provide at least three references, we contact each of these references individually
  6. 6. Complete and pass a background check and E-Verify to verify that they are authorized to work legally in France

We verify the candidate’s backgrounds with the French Ministry of Justice. We only interview and appoint candidates who have a clean criminal record. We also run checks on candidate’s driving records and undertake a credit check. We carry out a criminal record check as soon as the candidate has been interviewed so that the information is up to date.


Family Space does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, age, ancestral origin, religion or religious belief, disability, sex or gender, identity, sexual orientation, or behavior, of citizenship, veteran status, maternity, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The majority of our team speak English or are bilingual (English and French) and come from Commonwealth countries or from other European countries.

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