Here at Family Space, we love what we do, and getting positive customer feedback helps us improve our service and be the best that we can be. We’re immensely proud of the trust our clients put in us to take care of their children and manage their domestic chores, so we thought we’d share a few of their positive comments to help potential customers see just how much we strive to provide a top-quality service.

After using our babysitting service, Yohann B. complimented us on a “great job” and added that our team had “been responsive”, vowing to use us again on his family’s return to Paris. Christa B. (no relation!) on a trip from the USA to Paris with her husband and children in tow, took advantage of the same service to enjoy dinner out for two, and praised us for our punctuality, adding that their babysitter was “very professional and polite – our children had a lovely evening with her.”

Miranda Salt had many positive things to say, and in her words “Family Space is a reliable, quality English language childcare agency that I highly recommend. All of the nannies we have recruited … have been serious and attentive people who have met our expectations. The company is flexible and understands and adapts to families’ different requirements”.

Daniel Egan too felt that our staff were “professional and competent, and extremely receptive to questions” and was “happy to learn about the biography of the proposed babysitter in advance”. We’re proud as well that Justyn Harkin, who had been “working with Family Space for three and a half years … couldn’t be happier with the service”.

Finally we’ll share some words from Jennifer Atienza (and stop tooting our own trumpet!), who was “very happy” having used our services three times, noting that we went “above and beyond” to help her out “making last minute arrangements for me at times when I had to change some plans around a few days before”. 

Read the full reviews, and more, on our testimonials page at courtesy of Trustpilot. And you don’t just have to take their word for it either! For more information about the services we provide, and to test out our quality services for yourself, head to our site for services, prices and benefits.

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