It’s never fun to be stuck inside when you’d rather be outdoors in the sunshine, and in these exceptional times it can particularly difficult to know how to handle a long stretch of confinement whilst keeping the kids interested and the family sane! Managing school work and screen time will be enough of a challenge, but keeping boredom at bay for the long term will take a lot of extra effort!

Here are a few suggestions for indoor activities that we hope can help!

Get your groove on!

It can be tough for kids to get enough exercise when cooped up in the house or apartment, but why not start each day with an indoor dance party to get the energy pumping? Put on your favourite tunes and boogie away! And why not go off piste and use it as an opportunity to introduce them to new musical styles, like country, classical or jazz?

Hit the runway

Most of us have wardrobes full to bursting, so take this opportunity to have a good sort out and have a fashion show whilst you’re at it! We all have clothes we’ve forgotten about so get emptying the family’s wardrobes, and have some dress-up fun! The kids get to choose which clothes to keep, and the rest can be donated once the crisis is over. It certainly beats a crowded shopping mall!

Learn something new

You’ve always wanted the time to teach your kids about your hobbies or favourite activities, and here’s a golden chance! Teach them how to knit or garden, or perhaps get them interested in finding out about the family tree. Or why not learn with them and have a go at zumba, yoga or even yodelling?! Online resources can help you learn almost anything!

Get practical!

Don’t stress yourself out too much if home schooling isn’t working out for you and the kids. Take the opportunity instead to teach them more practical things if they’ve had enough of the books, and they can’t take being deskbound anymore! Learning is also about picking up key life skills, so ditch the books and why not make a game out of cooking, cleaning or doing the laundry?

We wish all of our clients and the Family Space team all the best during this difficult time. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need valuable childcare or cleaning support and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you. Stay healthy and safe tout le monde!

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