We all know there are limited hours in every day, and it can be tough to try and fit in all of life’s demands. But when you take a moment to calculate exactly what it is we spend our precious time doing, the results can be surprising, if not pretty frustrating! Hundreds of surveys have tried to do exactly that, and though the conclusions differ, they all point to that fact that household chores take up a great deal of everyone’s time.

The average Brit spends two years cleaning their home during their time on earth, whereas the average American spends over an hour a day on domestic tasks. One French survey claims that its citizens spend 23,214 hours in a lifetime doing the washing, and that figure is depressing enough without even taking into account that 35% of the French say they don’t like cleaning to start with, in a survey conducted by cleaning equipment company Kärcher.

It’s women that get the worst lot of course, despite modern shifts in equality, with women enjoying on average five hours less leisure time a week compared to men in an ONS report, mostly because of their devotion to domestic tasks. Despite men taking care of the lion’s share of DIY, paperwork and gardening (depending on the household of course!) women take care of the children for 35 minutes a day compared to men’s 16, and for cleaning tasks, it’s 50 minutes for women compared to men’s 17.

We can crunch the numbers all we like and wrestle with the weekly schedule to try and find more time in which to fit those necessary tasks, but the fact remains that regardless of what the figures reflect, in today’s busy world, the list of demands on our time is growing and life’s many tasks becoming more difficult to juggle.

But thankfully there’s a simple solution and Family Space offer flexible solutions to help save your precious time. There’s plenty in life we can’t outsource, and much that we wouldn’t want to, but when it comes to cleaning and childcare, you can trust us to take care of whatever tasks you’d like to put into reliable hands. Occasional babysitting, school pick-ups or a regular childcare schedule, plus the chance to delegate those time-consuming household chores, whatever you need, we have the flexible solution to suit. Visit our site www.family-space.com for more information and a free quote.

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