As world cities go, Paris remains top of the dream destination list for many travellers, with many lucky enough to choose it as their home. For the anglophone community, one of the most common jobs that lures workers to France’s capital is childcare, handy for those too who are already set up and looking for ways of financing their exciting Parisian adventure. Family Space employee Elin, 36, from Sweden tells us why she loves her life in Paris looking after children, and offers some advice for those pursuing a similar dream.

I originally came to Paris to study at Parsons School of Design and then began working as a babysitter. There are so many memorable experiences I’ve had living here and I’ve especially loved meeting new people.

I used to live by Trocadero but now live just outside Paris. I just love the city’s sophisticated character, and it’s such a great base to work from. When I’m not working I love to visit my favourite place, the Jardin de Luxembourg, and to discover the growing vegan scene in the city’s restaurants.

Working for Family Space is great as they offer both solid parttime working opportunities and popup casual jobs – ideal if you’re working on your own projects and need extra income. It’s also a very small agency so it operates on a “heart to heart” working basis, and payments are always made on time. Honesty is valued and there’s a very positive working vibe.

If you’re coming to Paris to work, it’s important to recognise your needs and find a job that matches. With babysitting it’s key to trust yourself and always communicate well with the child and parents, being clear from the start about who you are and what you expect. Children see, feel and absorb everything and when adults are clear in who they are, and communicate and explain honestly and openly, this gives the child a solid and loving framework in life as they look and learn by your example.

If I was to offer advice for new babysitters, I would say always report everything that happens during the child’s day as the bond between parent and child is strong even when they’re apart. The more you can report the better, as the more constructive it is for the childs development and wellbeing. Overall, working with children is great fun, there’s lots of room for play, as well as giving them clear guidance when needed and building a trusting relationship with them.

With children you need to always be the adult authority, giving them a framework to grow and be themselves in. Showing boundaries is essential since when children are testing their caregivers, they are essentially seeking an adults guidance. This is a child’s way of ‘feeling outthe world around them and discovering how to properly behave and be their true, free selves.”

To join the Family Space babysitting team, our simple recruitment procedure and friendly staff mean that a new life in Paris could be only a few clicks away! We’ll make sure we find you a family that fits your style and personality, and will offer you professional support every step of the way. Visit the recruitment page on our website for more information.

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