As the seconds of life tick by, our minds are all becoming a lot more focused on the health of the planet. For many of us, the changes we can make to green up our lives start in the home and with our daily habits. But it isn’t always easy to know what steps to take, so here is our advice to green up that cleaning routine!

Switch to kinder ingredients 

You don’t need a huge arsenal of products for a clean and sparkling home, just a few basics will do half of the job for you. Cut down on harmful chemicals by stocking up on key basics such as white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and Castile soap which will leave your home fresh and clean without a noxious chemical smell, and save you money too!

Put those rags to good use

If you have a few old items of clothing that are too ripped, worn or stained to donate, cut them up into squares and put them to good use as cleaning cloths rather than sending them to landfill and buying new. As for those clothes that are still in fine nick, dry them on the washing line outside if you have one and avoid the tumble dryer to stop them becoming cleaning cloths themselves too quickly!

Invest in essential oils

Essential oils are natural compounds extracted from plants and can be used for the general health and wellbeing of your family as well in your cleaning routine. From providing super degreasing power to adding a heady perfume to homemade cleaning products, some of the best and most efficient include lemon, orange, lavender, peppermint and tea tree.

Indoor scents

Indoor air fresheners are especially toxic and are often overpowering, sickly and artificial smelling. Make use of natural fragrances such as cinnamon, cloves, rosemary or other herbs as a healthier and more natural alternative simply boiled up on the stove. Or invest in a diffuser and get those essential oils working to spread natural perfume too!

Open sesame!

Fresh air has untold powers for our health, and we all know how good it feels to walk on the beach or in nature and feel the clean air on our faces. Let your house feel the benefit too, by opening up the windows whenever possible to give the inside a good blow. Sure, city air is hardly clean, but in reality the air inside our homes isn’t pure and clean either with our household items and furniture emitting toxins that we don’t even realise.

Whether it’s a regular or deep clean, at Family Space we have the staff on hand to make sure your home is spick and span, and smelling sweet! And if you want us to use green products and methods when we’re giving your house the once over, all you have to do is ask! Find out more on our cleaning pages.

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