One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Paris hosted over a whopping 17 million visitors in 2018, and definitely one of the most visited city in western Europe. Whether it be for a romantic weekend getaway complete with proposal at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or a much longer stay meandering around the hidden gems and local hotspots that the city has to offer, France’s capital tops the world’s favourite destination lists time and time again.

But for some of us life has a different schedule in mind, and the variety of reasons people travel to Paris is as wide ranging as the national food and wine menu. Whatever the length of your stay though, Family Space has got it covered.

We all like to be tourists from time to time, but maybe it’s an event that prompted your stay. Maybe you were lucky enough to get tickets for Roland Garros, or a work conference or special orchestral concert dictated your dates? Perhaps a Paris proposal bought you back to the City of Lights, and you’re here to share in a close friend’s special day.

We’re specialists in casual and occasional childcare, and whether it’s for an adults-only evening, or a one-off day’s babysitting when work or leisure calls, we’ll come to you and take care of your little ones to give you absolute peace of mind during your stay, thanks to our carefully-selected exclusively English-speaking professionals.

Many visitors who come to Paris wish they could never leave, and for some lucky ones, they never have to! Some make the capital their home for an extended stay to really get to know the city, perhaps for a year-long sabbatical or longer term professional project. Others decide to make Paris their permanent base and can look forward to a much longer, or perhaps even a forever stay.

Whether your calendar says weeks, months or years, we’re on hand to make your relocation as smooth as possible, offering domestic help to make establishing a family routine easier, or we’ll take care of the after-school pick up so that you can focus on getting to grips with your new job without the worry of the school run to add pressure on the daily schedule.

Operating throughout Paris and the Île de France, we offer flexible solutions to your domestic and childcare needs, whatever your length of stay. Get in touch for a quote or see our website for details.

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