Now that the weather is turning a little bit warmer and spring in the air, for a lot of people it’s time to think about a thorough spring clean! Traditionally it was put on the calendar at this time of year as the house was shut up all through the cold and wet winter, and as the weather turned nicer the windows could be thrown open, meaning months of dust could finally escape! 

In modern times the practice still holds strong, and it’s a logical time to have a comprehensive deep clean. This often entails a good old sort out and declutter too, and perhaps it’s time to rearrange the furniture for the spring/summer months, and chase away those winter blues! But what does a proper spring clean really involve? Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

Go room by room

Break down the task into manageable chunks and it won’t seem quite so big. Once one room is done, close the door on it to avoid traipsing dirt through the house from rooms you’ve yet to tackle. 

Think deep!

Sure there are a lot of obvious grime spots to prioritise, but don’t forget that mattresses, soft furnishings, upholstery and carpets need a good going over too – even if you can’t see the dirt!

Think small!

It doesn’t have to be big jobs that contribute to a thorough clean either! Little jobs are just as important, such as cleaning lightbulbs and fixtures, ceiling fans, behind appliances and the top of picture frames.

Get moving 

Getting stuck in to those neglected spots is what spring cleaning is all about. There are no two ways about it – get that furniture out of that corner, those clothes out of that wardrobe and the food out of those kitchen cupboards, and put the hoover and cleaning supplies to work!

Don’t forget outside

Not all of us are lucky enough to have outside space, but if you do, take advantage of the improving weather to tackle it. Now’s the time to get cleaning those gutters, pressure washing that patio and cleaning up the garden furniture, ready for you to relax on in all those summery evenings coming up ahead!

A full spring clean sounds like your worst nightmare? We’ll take care of it for you! At Family Space we have a team of professional cleaners ready to tackle a one-off deep clean, help you stay on top of the general cleaning with a weekly visit, or just take some of those annoying tasks off your hands! Find out more on our cleaning page!

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