The months of leisurely picnics in the sun and drawn out evenings may have passed (all the better for getting the little ones to bed!) but why not celebrate the changing of the seasons and treat the kids to some fun-filled autumn activities? 

Go for an autumn colours walk

Falling temperatures don’t have to mean outside is off-limits! There’s nothing more exhilarating or more beautiful than taking an autumn stroll when all bundled up to feel the wind on your face and fresh air in your lungs. If you’re lucky enough to live near a big park or forest then there’ll be big piles of leaves to play in, but even in the city the changing colours of the leaves on the trees is a wonderful treat to behold for children and adults alike. And whilst you’re at it…

Create an autumn nature tray

There’s bounty a-plenty to be collected during the autumn months helping kids learn about the yearly cycles of plants and trees. Showcase their finds on a tray (or even a small table!) artfully displaying fallen pine cones, acorns and chestnuts, a selection of different richly coloured leaves and anything else you can find! Why not have a go too at creating leaf art with collage or leaf rubbing?

Pumpkin art

Practically compulsory at this time of year, the sky’s the limit when it comes to design! Older kids can give a helping (and carefully supervised!) hand with more intricate carving whilst younger children will enjoy the process and getting into the Halloween spirit at a safe distance with important creative input! Or why not leave the knife alone altogether and have fun painting the pumpkins with colourful designs instead?

Autumn spice baking

There’s nothing better than filling the kitchen with the scent of autumn spice. This is the season for cinnamon muffins and pumpkin pie (made from the carving leftovers of course!) and the little ones will love licking the bowl! Or why not try making toffee apples or even an autumn spiced playdoh made with flour, water, salt and vegetable oil infused with cloves, nutmeg and ginger, and bright autumn colours? Nothing is more French than enjoying time in the kitchen, especially if it satisfies a sweet tooth, and all the family can enjoy the results!

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