You’ve done it! You’ve bravely waded through the mountains of required paperwork and tied up all of those annoying loose ends in anticipation of your big move abroad. A wave of excitement propelled you to your new home, and adventures in your chosen country can begin! But although there’s a great deal of joy and discovery that awaits, there are many practical considerations to get your head around too. Here are a few of our tips to avoid relocation headaches!

Give it time

Despite the romance and adventure that surrounds the first few months in a new country and a new life, the start beckons a whole host of boring, but very necessary admin tasks. Adapting to a new area and culture can be tough, especially with the added stress of starting a new job, building new relationships, setting up bank accounts, sorting utilities… and the rest! But before you start to think about throwing in the towel and returning back to a more familiar setting, give it an ample amount of time to get through the challenging initial period. It will get better!

Forget the comparisons

Humans are creatures of habit, and it’s quite natural to reflect in a new place on the differences with the old. But it’s a futile exercise and will only serve to promote homesickness and dissatisfaction in your new situation. You didn’t embark on a relocation adventure to keep everything the same, so embrace all of those new things that you aren’t used to, and celebrate the contrasts.


Building new friendships and work relationships are important in themselves, but don’t forget just how useful it is to get to know people who have done the move before you, conquered their new lives and lived to tell the tale! They’ll often be able to provide you with invaluable addresses and contacts that would be difficult to find elsewhere, and can be an important source of support. After all, there’s nothing more precious than local knowledge!

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand or outsource tasks where you can. You can trust our Family Space team to step in and take the pressure off your weekly schedule with our housekeeping professionals and childcare staff. Whether it’s establishing a regular cleaning timetable and babysitting roster, or even a one-off deep clean or an evening off leaving the kids at home for date night, we offer casual and long-term solutions for whatever your needs might be.

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