Providing professional and reliable babysitting services since 2009, we pride ourselves on being a great choice for those searching for anglophone childcare.

Perhaps you:


Have moved to France and wish your children to be cared for in their native tongue?

Moving to a new country can be a huge upheaval for kids, but with an English-speaking babysitter, you can minimise the difficulty of adapting to a new home. Able to communicate freely in their own tongue, the transition into their new life will be less of a mountain to climb. Even if it’s just for the school pick-up, our services can help you to calmly organise your new routines.


Are here on a short break or extended holiday and wish for a bit of quiet time away from the kids?

Travelling can be a stressful business, but with us you can rest assured that organising childcare, even if it’s for only one night, will be free from any language barriers. Take the opportunity to enjoy a special evening or the freedom to fully appreciate an excursion knowing that your little ones are in safe and competent hands.


Are a returning Francophone family and wish to continue your child’s English-speaking education?

Language learning from a young age is a golden opportunity, and with an English-speaking nanny, you can kill two birds with one stone, and combine childcare practicalities with hands-on language learning. Whilst you’re at work or enjoying some leisure time, you can be confident that with a Family Space nanny in charge, your child’s language skills are improving, without them even realising it!


Are in France for business or pleasure and find English-speaking childcare a more convenient choice?

In this increasingly global world, exposure to English – one of the world’s most dominant languages and the lingua franca of business, travel and international relations – hiring an anglophone babysitter makes perfect sense. Wherever in the world you and your family’s English-speaking experience began, you can be sure not to miss out on honing this invaluable skill during your stay in France.

We offer flexible childcare solutions, and our carefully selected staff come from a variety of Anglophone backgrounds, including the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. Often students studying abroad or taking advantage of a working holiday visa, we guarantee that our personnel are open and reliable, but always mindful and respectful of your family’s privacy. Contact us today to discuss your childcare needs.

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